Jeans Alterations

Unfortunately, most jeans and denim garments stretch once they have been worn several times. Even if you were completely happy with the fit at the time of the purchase you might find that your favourite jeans have become too baggy and no longer fit you very well. It does not matter whether you have bought a pair of classic light denim jeans or decided on a pair of heavier loom-state selvedge denim, we have the expertise to alter your jeans to perfection! We will take your preference into consideration and help you find the perfect fit to match your body type. Our services include; hem shortening or more complex alterations like changing the rise of your jeans, lowering the waistband, taking in or letting out the waist, or completely changing the cut of your jeans by turning your denims into a pair of fashionable skinny jeans. Rolling or cuffing your jeans looks a bit dated nowadays, and the proper contemporary fit demands a little bit of length that creates a small break, or, if you prefer, just grazes the top of your shoes. So, if you are seeking the contemporary fit simply ask our tailor to help you find the perfect length. If your jeans are too long but you don’t want to lose the original hem, we can retain a pre-worn finish. Whether we are simply shortening your jeans or tapering them (making them narrower) we place our attention to ensure that the original stitching and thread colour is matched perfectly. We can also replace lost jean buttons, rivets and repair tears or make general repairs.


Lower Jeans waistband

Take in / let out Jeans waist

Take in / let out Jeans waist, seat and fork

Shorten / lengthen Jeans with original hem

Take in / let out Jean seams

Replace Jeans zip

Replace Jean buttons / rivets

General Jeans repairs

Our Examples

Replace Jean new zip ⇓

Taper Jean leg ⇓

Shorten Jean with original hem ⇓