Jumpsuit Alterations

A Jumpsuit is an elegant alternative to the classic Little Black Dress but it also can be worn as a casual piece. Whether your jumpsuit has beads, sequins or any other embellishment, our talented seamstresses can skillfully alter it. Our expertise comes from the fact that all our seamstresses are qualified dressmakers which gives them the advantage of understanding fashion and garment construction. Whether you have bought an elegant wide leg, on-trend culotte or a modern bandeau jumpsuit, our talented seamstresses will ensure the jumpsuit fits you perfectly and flawlessly. Our experience combined with imagination and attention to detail allows us to perform very complex alterations and restyling on all types of jumpsuits made from any type of fabric with any type of embellishment or detail. These are just some examples of alterations and restyling we can perform on your jumpsuit.


Take in or Let out

Shorten / Lengthen Straps

Shorten / Lengthen

Reshape Neckline

Replace Zip


General Repairs