Leather Alterations

If your leather jacket, trousers or skirt does not fit you as it should or it's ripped/damaged, then we have the skills to carry out the required alterations/repairs to the highest possible standard. We strongly believe that Leather Alterations/Repairs should always be undertaken by professional tailors, like ourselves, as Leather Alterations that are not performed correctly it can ruin your garment and usually irreversible. Our experience combined with imagination & attention to detail allows us to perform very complex Alterations/Repairs on all kinds of leather garments made from any type of leather with any type of detail or embellishment. Our leather alteration experts can perform any kind of alterations from a simple leather skirt hem shortening to a complex panel replacement on a leather coat. A tear or rip doesn't mean the end of a leather jacket or coat.  Overall, we have the ability to replace panels & use specialized techniques to restore your leather garment to its original condition. 



Leather Jackets/Coats Alterations/Repairs:

*Take In/Let out

*Shorten/Lengthen sleeves /from top(head)

*Zip Replacement


Leather Trouser/Skirts Alterations/Repairs:

*Take in/Let out


*Zip Replacement/ 

Our examples

Shorten Leather Jacket sleeves with zip ⇓


Taken Leather Top with zip 


We have let out the waist and added in extra pieces for wideness