Dinner Suit Alteration

If your Dinner Suit doesn't fit you as it should or feels a little dated let our expert tailors alter it to achieve the desired fit. For Dinner Suits that hangs off you rather than compliment your body shape, our Master Tailors can re-cut your Dinner Jacket ensuring that the end result is a garment that has been tailor made for you. The quality of work we provide is unlike any other. We ensure that every detail from the original suit is retained from the stitch patterns used to the color of the thread. The result is a perfectly fitting Dinner Suit without any hint that the Dinner Suit has been altered. This meticulous attention to detail is what makes us unique.


Take in or Let out Dinner Suit sides

Narrow Dinner Suit shoulders

Shorten / Lengthen Dinner Suit sleeves

Shorten / Lengthen Dinner Suit jacket

Adjust lapel Dinner Suit shape

Taper Dinner Suit Trousers (Make them more narrow)

Take in or Let out Dinner Suit trouser waist

Shorten or Lengthen Dinner Suit trouser

Replace Dinner Suit lining

Replace Dinner Suit Buttons

Replace Satin on Dinner Suit Lapels