Kilt Alterations

The way your kilt fits you and the way your kilt is fastened makes all the difference between looking very smart and looking not so smart. Our experienced tailors have the expertise to alter your kilt to perfection and to advise you on how to look your best in a kilt. The kilt is supposed to come to the top of your kneecap and the waist should never be loose. Very often men are seen with the kilt covering their knees. For women this may be a fashion choice but for men it means their kilt doesn’t fit them correctly. This usually happens when your kilt is either too long or you are wearing it too low which means it’s too loose for you on the waist. If your kilt is too long, too loose, too wide or too tight or you need the buckle of your kilt moved over, you should only trust experienced tailors, like ourselves, with alterations on your kilt. This is an easy fix that will make your kilt look much better and fit you correctly.



Take in or let out kilt waist

Shorten / lengthen kilt

Move kilt buckle

General kilt repairs

Resize kilt