Morning Suit Alterations

When it comes to wearing a Morning Suit, the fit should always be your priority; poor fit will quickly outweigh the advantages of even the most finely made garment. For over thirty years, we have provided each and every customer with the perfect fit. When performing a fitting, our master tailors recognize that each body type is unique and we have the expertise to find the best possible fit and style for each customer. This attention to quality and detail guarantees that whether we are giving your Morning Suit a slight tweak or performing extensive alterations, you will get very neat, precise and professional results. There are several key areas to focus on in terms of assuring that after a few alterations, you will have a beautifully tailored Morning Suit. This meticulous attention to detail is what makes us unique.


Take in / Let out Morning Suit sides

Narrow Morning Suit shoulders

Shorten / Lengthen Morning Suit sleeves

Shorten / Lengthen Morning Suit jacket

Adjust lapel Morning Suit shape

Taper Morning Suit Trousers (Make them more narrow)

Take in or Let out Morning Suit trouser waist

Shorten or Lengthen Morning Suit trousers

Replace Morning Suit lining

Replace Morning Suit Buttons

General Morning Suit repairs