Our experience combined with creativity and attention to detail allows us to reline any type of coat to a very high standard. Our fully qualified and experienced tailors and seamstresses will replace your coat lining making sure that every detail is replicated precisely. We will ensure that after we have relined your coat you will be left with a finish that looks completely authentic. At your first appointment you will be offered to choose your new lining from a wide selection of luxury linings, or perhaps you would prefer us to help you find the perfect match for your coat. Whether you choose a lining of a similar colour and texture or decide on a contrasting colour with a luxury pattern, our tailoring specialists will be there to assist and offer their expert advice. We will, of course, make sure that the stitchwork, thread colour and every single detail are matched exactly from the original lining.


Our Examples

Relining Waistcoat⇓

Relining Jacket

Relining Overcoat

Relining Overcoat⇓

Relining  Overcoat⇓

Relining Jacket⇓

Relining Skirt⇓