Shirt Alterations

If you do not like the general fit of your shirt there are a number of shirt alterations that are possible. Shirt sleeves can of course be shortened – you just take off the cuff, cut down the sleeve and reattach (this can even be done from the shoulder if you want to retain the length of the placket). But sleeves with double cuffs can also be lengthened slightly. Depending on the brand, there is at least half an inch of inlay, which can be sufficient to give you that crucial exposure of cuff at the end of a jacket’s sleeve. Darts can be added to the body of a shirt, to narrow it at the waist and – depending on the run – alter the hips and a little of the chest. This will remove any excess fabric which can be annoying and unflattering to your figure.


Add rear Shirt Seams (Dart) for a fitted 'V' Shape

Take in 2 side seams

Narrow Shirt shoulders

Shorten / Lengthen Shirt sleeves

Shorten / Lengthen Shirt

Our Examples

Shorten sleeves with cuffs ⇓