Suit Alterations

Whether you would like us to alter a new suit that doesn't fit you or completely restyle one of your old suits by giving it a more contemporary appearance our highly trained tailors can help.  If your suit doesn't  compliment your body shape our talented Master Tailors can tailor it to ensure it fits you precisely. By focusing on quality and paying close attention to every detail we ensure that the end result is a suit that has been tailor made for you. When it comes to suit alterations we believe that it's the small detail that makes all the difference that is why we make sure that stitch patterns and the color of the thread are matched perfectly.


Take in / Let out Suit sides

Narrow Sit shoulders

Shorten / Lengthen Suit sleeves

Shorten / Lengthen Suit jacket

Adjust Suit lapel shape

Taper Suit trousers (Make them more narrow)

Take in or Let out Suit trouser waist

Shorten or Lengthen the trouser

Reline Suit Jacket