Covid19 Face Masks

We know that as a country we are going through a really hard time and we will do our best to help our country so we would like to let you know that we are selling face masks and we are more than welcome to provide you with any. We supply two types of face masks which are both, reusable and washable. The first face mask has 2 layers of 100% pure cotton and interlining in between, this face mask does not come with a filter. However, our second type of face mask comes with 3 layers of 100% cotton and with a filter which; (you can insert the filter in and out). Our face masks will ensure your safety outdoors or in much more dangerous places such as; hospitals.


Unfiltered Face Mask:


Our unfiltered face masks come in ranges of colours for adult and children sizes. (For girls and boys from the ages of 5-10.) Made from 100% Pure cotton, safe for the environment fabric. (are that it comes in two layers and interlining in between.) Only costs £4 each face mask!

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Also we are always ready to make your big orders! Such as: your company's staff.

Our examples

Personalised Embroidery Face masks ⇓





Filtered Face Mask:


As well as our unfiltered face masks, our filtered face mask comes in a variety of colors too. However, comes only in sizes for adults. Made also from 100 % Pure cotton, safe for the environment fabric. (Specialties are that it comes in three layers of pure cotton fabric.) And only costs £8! The filter can be inserted in and out of this face mask. We also sell filters separate too which comes in a (Pack of 10 pieces for only £5!)